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To offer people handmade decorative pieces for their beautiful homes.

We provide easy access and trustworthy shopping of handmade unique pieces to make special home decoration.

Also we will support and give business to marginalized artists and suppliers, during this journey.


The mission is to provide people an artistic organic touch, to make their place cozy, inspirational, and unique.


Quality is our highest priority!

We use highest quality of material with meticulous crafting, and put extra effort on designing to make sure they are unique and flawless.

Designing items which fit to many interior design styles at the same time.

Take Mid-century, Modern, Rustic, Minimalism, Bohemian and Transitional as examples.


We offer pre-made macramé designs, that buyers can find on the website easily.

You are still able to customize many of them based on your desired color at the same price!

Custom orders are welcomed!

We make sure that the clients can customize everything, from design to colors and sizes.

For more information check out the link below:

Next level commitment to customer care:

All orders are gift wrapped, because we believe that the packaging is part of the product.

All orders will ship on time, with a macramé keychain as a "Thank you" gift.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange or refund it to you.

Find us here:

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